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Proposed mods to Civilization 2 for more realistic gameplay.

13 June 2014
  1. Regulatory Capture. 60 turns after the establishment of any Democracy or Republic, if Mass Production has been discovered, there is a 1 in 300 chance each turn of Regulatory Capture. Once activated, Corruption (lost gold) and Waste (lost shields) triple. The only way to escape Regulatory Capture is by Revolution.
  2. Consumerism. Under any government except Communism, Fundamentalism or Despotism, after the discovery of Robotics (unlocks Manufacturing Plant), a consumer society develops. Waste (lost shields) grows 1% per turn to a maximum 50% increase over base Waste in 50 turns. In order to escape the penalty, you have two options:
    • You must build a costly Nature Preserve (unlocked by Environmentalism) in every city where you wish to reduce enhanced Waste. Nature Preserves remove the Waste penalty and spare a 1-square terrain radius around their city from Global Warming effects, but are costly to build (shields) and maintain (gold per turn).
    • Your civilization must build a new World Wonder, the Permaculture Arcologies, which grants a Nature Preserve to every city in your civilization. Cost is on par with Cure for Cancer.

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