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RIP, Chloe Weil.

9 July 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.46.48 PM 1-IMG_4165-001

That photo was taken late on the night of the first potluck in the apartment we shared in Portland for a few months. I couldn’t really put the solemn and very much true words better than Cassie Ambutter did, so I ain’t gonna try.

I met Chloe at UMass and she was my housemate for a while at my old apartment. I participated in a mix CD club Chloe started at UMass and created one of the mixes I’m most proud of to this day, a concept album based on the novel Bridge to Terabithia. (Edit 2: I wrote a post about MIXISM, this disc, and Chloe which looks much better on Tumblr.)

I was just sitting around a couple nights ago remembering going up to the 16th floor computer lab in the UMass library to test the computer-readable track on a gumdrop iMac – I didn’t have money to print full liner art, so I put the lyrics and pre-ripped MP3s on a data track on the CD. That was maybe 10 years ago.

RIP, Chloe. I wish to G-d I’d been a better friend.

Edit:  Over a thousand hits from search in seven hours since I posted this.  Best wishes everybody.  Do something good for some person or other living creature.


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  1. Zach permalink

    I was supposed to see Chloe this past sunday, with my girlfriend – who was roommates & good friends with Chloe from Stony Brook U. I skipped it to get some extra work done. Not feeling like a very good friend now either.

    • Yeah. I made some easy choices that let us drift further than we should have.

      Be vigilant against that shit, man. In this culture we need all the friends we can get. Take care. :/

      • Zach permalink

        A hard lesson, but many seem to be in the same boat. My girlfriend was able to see her the day before she passed away, which is something to be grateful for.

  2. Tom Guier permalink

    I loved her so much. Her smile was the best one ever. On a very short list of favorite people she was at the top. I was so sad when she left Portland to head back to New York, but I was so proud of her too. There is a huge hole in my soul now. All I want to do is make her laugh again, because, that laugh.

  3. I miss her so, so much.

  4. M M permalink

    I spoke to Chloe on Sunday at 3:20 in the afternoon. When she said goodbye, I joked it always felt like it could be the last time… she said she knew what I meant, but that it wasn’t.

    It was… I miss you terribly, you were beautiful, funny, creative, deeply serious and infectiously attractive in many aspects.

    There is now a hole in the universe where you once were. I’ll always remember you.

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